Now, more than ever

Covid-19 has changed the way we work, and the way we need to lead. Many traditional leadership skills will still be relevant - perhaps more relevant - than before. But also, there are a suite of new skills that the best leaders will need to gain.


Whether managing virtual teams, or acting with sufficient open-mindedness and nimbleness to adapt to a fast-changing business environment, the best modern leaders will require a range of new skills; more aligned with a Covid and post-Covid business landscape.


Cost-cutting, restructuring and unemployment will be widespread in the coming months and years. It will be imperative for employers to be taking the necessary steps to maximise the efficacy of their employees to stay competitive. Similarly, employees and candidates will need to be ensuring that they are firing on all cylinders so they are retained, or hired.


The Personal Leadership Programme is the solution to both of these unmet needs.


Understanding the difference between management and leadership


Becoming your authentic self


The reality and impact of what comes out of our mouths


Who chooses your life - are you fully aware of your choices?


What makes you and your team go that extra mile?


What is the message you're really sending inadvertently?


What are you building for the short or the long term?


Working on your perfect self!


The brain that has the problem also has the solution - if we give it the chance


Confidence is key - where does it come from?


Maximise time and productivity in group sessions


What really drives your perception of yourself and others?


Create the life you want!


Balance your priorities


Being confident in the values that drive you!

Very limited offer
Right now the world needs all the help it can get, which is why we're offering the transformational Personal Leadership Programme virtually, at an absolute fraction of the cost it normally is live. Same presenters, same content, same life-changing outcomes.
Limited availability for the next intake -  reserve your place

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