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  • I have a team that I want to put through. Can we do this together?
    We accept individual bookings or group bookings. If you have a group booking of 8 or more, please email us here to see what special options we can put in place for you.
  • How long is access to the platform available for?
    You have full access to the platform for one calendar month after the 10 weeks have finished - 100 day access. Giving you time to catch up on some of the modules or to just go back and refresh on the programme. We also understand work commitments can get in the way and if you are needing an extension this can be granted on special occasions.
  • I can't make all the live sessions, what impact will that have on my learning?
    All the live sessions are recorded and uploaded the next day onto the platform so no-one misses out on these sessions. We also have a small selection of 1-on-1 coaching calls.
  • Is this a group programme or more on an individual level?
    We have a number of delegates attend each cohort, from a number of different backgrounds. Each live session is for the full cohort.
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