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The Personal Leadership Programme

Self-selective, challenging, provocative, usable, and ultimately transformational - the Personal Leadership Programme equips leaders with the skills to create outcomes that could not be achieved previously. 

Our foundation 3 day programme has been experienced by more than 80,000 people globally and translated into 6 languages. It has fundamentally changed the fortunes of the world’s most influential

and successful business leaders, and now it’s your turn.


Our integrated 3-step approach to leadership development encourages individuals to look at their surroundings holistically to see things differently. We empower leaders by delivering a unique and experiential style which results in individuals returning to their everyday lives with a new passion to be different, be better, do more, be more and, in turn, enable others to do the same.  In summary, individuals leave with a sense of personal responsibility and desire to change behaviours.


The Personal Leadership Programme involves real hands-on learning and the skills learned can then be put into practice on a daily basis. We provide solutions and techniques for specific circumstances and equip individuals with the knowledge they need to adapt to any situation, no matter how challenging. The course also encourages purposeful thinking and uses interactivity without the use of inefficient — and, frankly, boring — powerpoint presentations, graphs and excel charts. Instead, it uses models that have been tried and tested and proven to enhance performance.


The programme is tailored to develop leadership skills to help you cultivate driven, motivated, passionate and productive individuals who thrive on a culture of trust, honesty and openness. We help people become proactive, rather than reactive, Such people communicate effectively, constantly strive to exceed expectations and are determined to grow.

Some of the businesses, and individuals within them, to have benefitted...

Unforgettable in person, unmissable online 

The Personal Leadership Programme can be accessed in-person or virtually. Discover more about how each version is delivered and view upcoming programme dates below.



An intensive three day

in-person experience 

A flexible 10-week course

to fit around you

What can you expect from the course?

Fifteen core modules all delivered by one of our knowledgeable and supportive Associate Trainers - taking you through a transformative personal leadership journey.


Choose who and how you want to be in this new world


Learn to listen to hear from the heart


Gain the courage and confidence to stand out and step to the edge


Develop and work to the belief that anything is possible


Change behaviours and become an outstanding leader – get the best from your team


Communicate as a leader – inspire creative thinking in this new reality 


Build increasing trust with your teams and they with you


Own your choices with clarity and courage


Know how to take a group of bright individuals and create a cohesive team

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