In the current climate, a lot of businesses find they are barely scraping by.  However, a few achieve exceptional success and enjoy extraordinary profits.  Do you want to find out how can you replicate this sort of success within your business?

Penny Ferguson, the UK’s leading expert on Personal Leadership, has created a unique approach to leadership, combining the strategies of very successful people with the three key elements of leadership: totally effective communication, individuals taking 100% responsibility for their contribution, and truly empowering individuals to think differently.

99% of people who hold leadership positions will never consider attending a powerful leadership programme like this? That 99% have many reasons and excuses, but the overriding one is that they’re never in a million years going to immerse themselves in this type of leading edge excellence. Which is fine, because we know that it is the 1% that will help drive this new way of thinking and working – and we want to spend time with the 1%, the achievers – the ones who make it happen when the world tells them it’s impossible!

Join us for this remarkably powerful day and hear Penny Ferguson share her insights on simple, effective and sustainable action you can take that has real impact on bottom line results.

Here’s what you can expect from the day:

  • Boost your leadership skills
  • Develop improved communication
  • Inspire individuals to take 100% responsibility for their contribution
  • Create more creative and innovative environments

If you’re interested in increasing your leadership skills and accelerating your business growth, come and join us on either 1st May or 12th September 2013.

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